For most, the Red Shark is merely one of a number of water bikes on the market, but what many don’t know about this product is that it is actually designed to be used six different ways! So this coming Shark Week, don’t just bike on your Red Shark: try all the different modes available to find your best way to be on the water.


With the Red Shark, you get a bike that looks and rides like a road bike, on the water. Using built-in anti-roll stabilizers and rudder system, the Red Shark provides a smooth and stable ride on the water to those who want to get the exercise of a bike ride while catching the sun and waves and spray out on the water.


The Red Shark comes with deployable seats and rows for you to easily switch to kayak mode. If you’re looking to get a little arm workout in with your water bike ride, or simply exploring the water at a more leisurely pace, the kayak mode is for you.

Scooter Surf

The back half of the bike seat detaches from the front section, leaving the handlebars behind for those who want to cruise upright on their Red Shark but aren’t looking for the physical exercise of a water bike ride. Scooter mode on the Red Shark allows you to surf the waves at speeds of up to 8 mph courtesy of a battery-powered propeller, with steering from the handlebars via the rudder system.

Paddle Surf

In paddle surf mode, Red Shark owners can stand and paddle with the rows included in your purchase of a new Red Shark. Take things at your own pace with a fun new way to explore the water on your Red Shark.

Tandem Surf

For couples and those who’d like to surf with a partner, the tandem surf mode provides an easy and fun way to link two Red Sharks together. Using both Red Sharks in bike mode, tether one to the other with two sturdy cables linked at the base and the upper back portion of your bike handlebars and seat. Couples who peddle the waves together stay together, right?

Gym Surf

So what happens when you’re out on the water, and you’ve reached that zen state of mind and just want to set up camp out there? Easy answer: set up gym surf mode and use your Red Shark as a yoga and exercise board! Some might call this last, sixth mode a stretch, but that’s the point! The stable, spacious design of the Red Shark allows users to park their Shark on the waves and do full stretches and yoga workouts on the water.