For many, the Twin Cities is a bicyclist’s dream. Consistently ranked high on national rankings of most bikeable metros in America, Minneapolis-St. Paul is home to many trails, bike lanes and assorted biking infrastructure that make cycling in the cities much safer, more efficient and enjoyable for cycling enthusiasts and commuters alike.

But what if we told you this is also a prime area for a different form of biking? What if we told you that there’s a way to bike not around, but over and across any of the metro’s many, many lakes?

For bicyclists who are looking to try something new and have access to these bodies of water, WTRSports has a pair of really innovative water bikes available now. But first, what is a water bike? And what are the benefits of the different kinds of water bikes? A closer look at the two sold here – the Manta5 and the Red Shark – can help you decide what kind of water bike experience is right for you. 

What is a Water Bike?

As the name suggests, a water bike is a general term for recreational aquatic vehicles that mimic the experience of biking on land. While that might seem like a straightforward product category, the number and variety of water bike models and designs out there suggests that there are many different forms a water bike can take.  Some are motorized, with some models reaching speeds as high as 25 mph on electric motors. Others are entirely manual, putting the onus on the rider to supply all the power. Many are something in between: hybrids that let the user decide how much to lean on electric motors vs. how much to manually ride.

The bottom line: though water bikes come in many shapes and sizes, all forms share the quality of mimicking the biking experience over water. And here at WTRSports, we’re proud to offer two great bikes that suit a variety of customer needs.

What Kinds of Water Bikes Does Weeder’s Digest Sell?

WTRSports sells two different water bikes: the Red Shark Bike and the Manta5. These are two very different products, reflective of the variety in the water bike market. On the one hand, you can get a versatile, affordable time on the water with our 6-in-1 Red Shark Bikes. Or, if you’re strictly looking for a realistic, physically rewarding water bike experience, consider the Manta5, the world’s first water bike that truly replicates the cycling experience on water.

Red Shark Bike

Best for water bikers with a slightly tighter budget and/or a variety of water recreation needs, Red Shark Bikes offer not just a great water bike for aquatic cyclists, but also a kayak, yoga mat, water scooter, tandem bike and paddle surf board. This highly versatile product comes with oars, detachable bike seat and handlebars, detachable cushioned kayak seats, cords for tethering two Red Shark Bikes together for tandem biking, and an electric scooter mode for those looking to cruise but not looking for physical exertion.

Red Shark Bikes are ultimately still bikes at the end of the day, and they are great at their primary function. Using built-in anti-roll stabilizers and rudder system, the Red Shark provides a smooth and stable ride on the water, for bikers of all ages and skill levels.

Key Features:

  • Inflatable and extremely durable
  • Can be used as a water bike or converted into a stand-up paddleboard
  • Constructed of top-grade materials and fiber-reinforced
  • Built-in anti-roll stabilizers and stable rudder system
  • Flat premium-grade inflation system
  • Aluminum handlebar with ergonomic hand grips
  • Removable fin for easy storage and transport
  • Saddle gel comfortable seat for extended use


For the purest water bike experience out there, look no further than the Manta5. This revolutionary, eco-friendly hydrofoil eBike is a dream for serious and frivolous cyclists alike, and anyone looking to really replicate the biking experience on water. 

With zero emissions, cutting edge technology and an electric motor, the Manta5 gives a great, stable, smooth ride without demanding too much from the user, or damaging the environment. Its unique carbon fiber foils are designed specifically to minimize drag and extend the bike’s effective wingspan to give users the smoothest ride possible. 

Key Features:

  • Quick Transport & Assembly: Disassemble for easy transport, and assemble in minutes.
  • Durable Materials: Carbon fiber, aircraft-grade aluminum, and vacuum-sealed ASA plastics.
  • 7 Assist Modes: Choose from full power to no assistance for desired exercise level.
  • 3 Launch Options: Platform, shallow-water, or deep-water starts.
  • Smooth & Intuitive Ride: Foil-supported design for stability and easy turning.
  • Cycling Shoe Compatibility: Enhance performance with clipless pedals.
  • Impressive Range: Up to 15+ miles at 10 mph on a single charge.