Lift EFoil Beginner’s Guidebook

Everything You Need To Know To Ride The Lift3 EFoil (In 20 Minutes Or Less)!

So you’ve seen surfers out on the Lift eFoil, working their magic, flying over the water and thought, “Why can’t that be ME?”

Maybe you’ve been thinking that riding one would be too difficult. Or you’ve been feeling embarrassed after your first attempt getting on a board. Or maybe you’re just confused by all the options and components of the Lift3.

With this new and exciting watersport hitting the market, one thing is clear: everyone and their moms want to try. But nobody wants to look like a rookie on the water, especially with the eye-catching nature of the boards.

That’s why I’m here – to tell you that you don’ have to feel like a fish out of water on the Lift3 eFoil. Instead, I want you to feel like you’re flying.

That’s how I felt, a least. When I first got out of the water, the feeling was surreal. The chill of the wind against my body, the cool water droplets against my skin, the sensation of surfing above the water. This was quickly followed by the feeling of crashing back into the lake, the warm water rapidly surrounding me as I leaped off the board (with an admittedly satisfying splash).

Admittedly, this wasn’t the story of the first time I went foiling.

But it could be yours.

You don’t have to believe me. But, if you do, I want you to feel excited about getting on the board the first time. I wrote this guide so that you can feel confident and thrilled about purchasing your first eFoil.

You’re going to be much better off with a significant head start to your Lift3 knowledge and experience. After reading this guide, you should feel much more familiar with the Lift3 eFoil. You’ll know the ins and outs of your board, safety tips I wish I’d known when I started, and professional advice on how to make your first ride go smoothly. And, you will be gaining this knowledge in a faster, more efficient way than I did.

So, if you want to be the eye-catching icon of your lake – if you want to feel the cool wind against your skin, your stomach giddy as you lift out of the water for the first time –

This guidebook is for you.

Click the link below – and I hope you enjoy.