There are so many videos online of WTRSports products in action. Here’s some of the best videos Youtube has of Seabobs, Lift eFoils, Red Shark Bikes and Manta5 Hydrofoil eBikes.


These two SEABOB videos showcase the awesome diving capabilities of the SEABOB F5 series. In the first, Youtuber Baden Le Sueur test drives a SEABOB around a remote sandbar near his native Australia, diving into coral reefs and shipwreck-littered sea floors with astonishingly clear video. Pair that with his lively, unsponsored commentary on the experience of riding the SEABOB, and you have a very easy, fun watch for Seabob enthusiasts. 

The second video, while quite short, showcases the incredible find of a major shipwreck by a diver on a Seabob. It’s quite stunning footage, and the quality makes you feel like you’re actually in the water behind the Seabob, discovering vast secrets beneath the waves.


This vid, while rather self-explanatory, does indeed showcase a breathtaking sunrise scene from the front of an eFoilers board, while also showing off some of the cool ways one can ride. It’s a quick, relaxing, gorgeous watch. 

Next, check out this incredible trick by Simon Axmann (great name, by the way) – but if you’re thinking of trying this one at home, think twice about that.


Now that you’ve seen a trick that dangerous pulled off, maybe it’s time to address some of the safety tips for eFoilers. This video, part of a nice instructional series by Hawaii Efoil Experience, offers some helpful tips on how not to use your eFoil. With tips for what not to do and footage showing what happens when you do those things, this makes a great primer for a would-be first-time eFoiler looking to avoid falls the first time out.


Sure, they can’t quite match the speed of the Tour’s landed bikes zooming by on the streets above, but these Manta5 water bikers made waves of their own with their display of the bikes near the Tour de France in Bilbao, Spain. The juxtaposition of the water and landed cyclists caught the attention of spectators who came to see the Tour, but stayed to watch the Tour de Manta5. 


This video from the Red Shark Bikes official channel gives you a full overview of everything the bikes can do – and that means more than just biking. Here you see the scooter, kayak, tandem bike, yoga mat and paddleboard modes of the Red Shark in action, giving the complete scope of what the bike can be used for.

Finally, for a little fun, here’s a short from Lift of Will Smith trying eFoil for the first time.

For more videos of WTRSports products in use, see the WTRSports playlist on the Weeder’s Digest’s Youtube channel.